Qatar General Electricity & Water Corp. (KAHRAMAA) awarded AREVA's T&D division a euro 20 million contract to construct an electricity distribution management system (DMS) for the national utility.

AREVA T&D will refurbish an existing control center in the Qatari capital of Doha and install a modern SCADA DMS, which will efficiently manage the state's 11-kV/415-V electricity distribution network.

In addition, AREVA T&D will supply and install 129 remote terminal units (RTUs) at each of the network's 129 primary and secondary distribution substations. These substation RTUs will then relay vital system information back to the control center via a digital telecommunications network, also to be designed and installed by AREVA T&D. At the heart of the control system is AREVA T&D's powerful e-terra distribution software, a specially designed solution for managing electricity distribution networks.

The contract follows on from a previous successful project in Qatar, where AREVA T&D installed the National Control Centre that enables KAHRAMAA to efficiently manage its 220/132/66-kV transmission grid.
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