ALSTOM will deliver systems to manage both the power transmission grid and the central market for Romania's newly deregulated electricity market. The company has won two contracts worth a total of Euro 9 million to supply a full energy management system (EMS) to Romania's transmission system operator, Transelectrica, and a market management system to power market operator OPCOM.

Through its Transmission and Distribution Sector, ALSTOM will supply, deliver and commission a full EMS to cover Transelectrica's national dispatch center, the back-up center and a territorial dispatch center in Bucharest, plus four territorial dispatch centers in Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj and Bacau.

The contract includes the full hardware architecture for the centers, including servers, workstations and associated equipment. ALSTOM's e-terraPlatform software solution for energy management will be installed to run the EMS. The company also will supply 25 remote terminal units (RTUs) to power plants, enabling the EMS to exchange information with all the country's power plants as well as with the substations. The e-terra solution will provide automatic power generation control functions and interface with the market operator OPCOM. The contract also includes the delivery of a dispatch training simulator system.

Under the second contract, with OPCOM, ALSTOM will deliver a complete IT system for the handling of day-ahead and intra-day energy and ancillary services markets. The system will use the company's e-terraMarket software solution for deregulated energy markets. The Market Management System will include significant Romania-specific content, supplied by a local partner.

These contracts follow on from a recent Euro 21 million order ALSTOM won from Transelectrica to supply a national fiber-optic telecommunications network for its electrical power transmission grid.
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