The UniStar family of single-phase on-line uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units from Staco Energy Products is available in tower or rack designs. These double-conversion UPS models protect 1-kVA to 10-kVA loads from outages and irregularities over a wide input voltage range.

Workers can install up to four UniStar P modules in parallel for redundancy or additional capacity. A constant sine wave protects downstream equipment without going to battery mode. Each UniStar P features high overload handling without transfer to the bypass, and protection against short-circuit and over-temperature conditions.

The Smart Battery Management System continuously monitors battery status and recharges whenever necessary. Hot-swappable battery packs allow users to change batteries without shutting down the UPS. Matching battery cabinets enhance the aesthetics of the UPS while providing easy access and maintenance. An easy-to-read front-panel LCD display includes input and output voltage, input and output frequency, load percentage, battery voltage and inner temperature. Alarms are provided for line mode, backup mode, ECO mode, bypass supply, battery low, battery bad/disconnect, overload, transferring with interruption and UPS fault, line failure, battery low, transfer to bypass and system fault conditions.

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