Miner & Miner, Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S., has announced that Cooperativa Rural de Electrificación (CRE) has selected ArcFM and ArcFM Viewer to manage, model and view the utility's electrical distribution network. CRE, located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is an electrical cooperative that provides distribution and services to more than 238,000 clients across 13 counties.

Since the beginning of CRE's use of ESRI technology, database requirements have been handled by in-house programs. Over the last several years, CRE has experienced tremendous growth and has realized the need to integrate its commercial and engineering database management systems and to prepare for a future integration of the GIS with SAP.

In an effort to research the different software and implementation methods, CRE initiated a technical management system project called SIGETEC. After an exhaustive period of research, visits, consultations, and an in-depth investigation of all distributors and products available in the market, CRE came to a decision.

Together, Miner & Miner, Geosystems, the Bolivian ESRI distributor, and CRE are working to upgrade CRE's current ArcInfo 7.2.1 system to the ArcGIS 8.1 platform. In doing so, the utility will implement ESRI's ArcInfo 8.1 and M&M's ArcFM product to manage its GIS data along with ArcSDE to provide an interface to Oracle as the RDBMS of choice. CRE will deploy a custom ArcIMS application in the customer service area over a corporate intranet, with more than 100 CRE users and service personnel viewing the database and providing client services.

Along with ArcFM, CRE also will implement ArcFM Viewer to view the database design in the planning area.
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