The new Cooper Power Systems UltraSIL polymer arrester improves energy-handling capability, increases creep distance and provides superior — up to 15% Margin of Protection (MOP) over common industry offerings — equipment protection in a lightweight polymer arrester.

The three levels of energy-handling capability (standard, high and extra high) are ideal for utilities, commercial or industrial applications for protection against repeated high energy switching surges, and provide reliable protection for substation equipment, capacitor banks, multiple lines and cable circuits.

Cooper Power Systems offers customizable options for special applications to meet discharge and protection characteristics to optimize overvoltage protection in specific transformers and to adhere to specific height requirements.

The UltraSIL design also offers SKU reduction benefits; the base unit can easily convert from standard base-mount to suspension or cubicle-mount, so only one product is needed for three applications, and without impacting the seal integrity.

Cooper Power Systems