ALSTOM has won a contract to increase the capacity of the Konti-Skan high-voltage direct current (HVDC) undersea transmission system between Sweden and Denmark.

The contract is in two parts — one with Swedish transmission network operator Svenska Kraftnät and the other with its Danish counterpart ELTRA — and covers the replacement of the converter stations at each side of the Kattegat, at Vester Hassing, Denmark and Lindome, Sweden.

The existing 275-MW link is nearing the end of its design lifetime. ALSTOM will replace the 1960s mercury arc scheme with the latest thyristor-based technology, increasing the power to 380 MW.

ALSTOM will design, construct and supply equipment for the two converter stations whose components include converter transformers, control systems, thyristor valves, DC smoothing reactors, switchgear, harmonic filters and capacitor banks.
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