G&W Electric has extended its line of three-phase reclosers with a triple/single design specifically for systems rated through 27-kV, 630-A continuous and up to 16-kA interrupting current. Trade-named the Viper-LT, the recloser works directly with Schweitzer's SEL-651R recloser control.

The unit offers a variety of overhead and substation mounting frames, a single 32-pin interface control cable, phase-spacing options to accommodate up to four oil or solid dielectric Pts and complete site-ready configurations.

The Viper-LT incorporates integral current and voltage sensors, permitting ease of automation either now or for future requirements. Dead-line operation is also available. A trip/lockout handle and mechanical block feature prohibits remote close from the control or other remote source adding to operator safety. The Viper-LT and the SEL-651R are tested together as a system prior to shipment.

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