Staco Energy Products Co. introduces the latest addition to its FirstLine P family of parallelable three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) with a new 65-kVA model.

Developed in response to customer demand for a lower kVA version of the native 480-VAC product family, this unit is up to 98% efficient, which reduces total cost of ownership and utility bills, resulting in a greener footprint. The product also features upstream filtering of harmonics and reactive load emanating from the powered load. Up to eight units can be run in parallel, with flexible installation options available. This new model, like all members of the FirstLine P family of UPS products, is ideal for IT applications, such as computer rooms, network closets, data centers, computer networks, critical power management requirements and applications where a high level of available power are essential.

True on-line, double-conversion technology is achieved through IGBT and digital signal processor control. Each compact and reliable UPS is covered by a two-year warranty and backed by a nationwide service program with optional preventative maintenance to lower cost of ownership.

The IGBT-based rectifier solid-state technology reduces the impact of the UPS on the local supply and simplifies installation where there is limited power capacity in the form of available electrical supply rating or generator size. Classified as a “Zero Impact Source,” the FirstLine P provides a high input power factor of 0.99, a low input current distortion of less than or equal to 3%, and a power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up. It also performs as a high-performance filter by protecting upstream power-supply sources from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads power.

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