A new Time Delay Control Switch Relay (TD-CSR) from Electroswitch provides a safe and effective means of mitigating arc flash danger in local circuit breaker operation by allowing for a manually initiated time-delayed trip or close. A flashing LED notifies the operator of the pending trip or close operation, and serves as a warning to evacuate the arc flash area.

Once a local trip or close is initiated, the 10-second delay allows an operator time to cancel the pending operation. To avoid any chance of an inadvertent operation, the control push buttons must be depressed for 4 continuous seconds to activate the 10-second delay. Other delay time options are available. The unit's intuitive push-button design simplifies personnel training. No special wiring is required for installation.

The TD-CSR is available with the same features and options as the Electroswitch Control Switch Relay, including a standard mechanical target (flag) to show the last operating position and an optional lighted nameplate. The nameplate includes local LED indication, a remote SCADA contact alarm, and a single or dual trip-coil monitoring option.

Reliable, self-cleaning, double-wiping contacts with silver or silver-alloy surfaces provide low-contact resistance for low-level control applications. Rugged, standard screw-type terminals have a 30-A/600-V continuous-current rating. The TD-CSR meets the same IEEE C37.90 series standards as all other Electroswitch relay products.

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