Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) announces the successful implementation of Mincom Ellipse, the flagship enterprise management suite of maintenance, materials, financials, human resources and accounting/payroll developed by Mincom (Brisbane, Australia).

“In the 92-year history of Toronto Hydro, this is the only large-scale IT project implementation in memory to conclude ‘on cost’ and ‘on time.’ Toronto Hydro, its executives, its employees and its shareholders are extremely happy with the performance of Mincom's applications and implementation services,” said Bob King, Toronto Hydro's vice president of business transformation.

Toronto Hydro's 350 concurrent users in Ontario are reaping the benefits of an integrated system that links plant assets, maintenance and repair schedules, workers, and accounting and purchasing. The amalgamation of six regional utility companies in the Toronto area has streamlined Toronto Hydro. The utility now handles nearly all electrical distribution for 660,470 customers in Canada's largest metropolitan area.
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