PEAK transformers from Cooper Power Systems are designed to manage increased loads and temporary overload capacity with a four-times-greater life expectancy when compared to mineral oil-filled transformer alternatives. Utilities are able to operate PEAK transformers beyond full rated load to at least 112% to more precisely size transformers based on unpredictable periods of peak demand.

Using an advanced high-temperature insulation system — comprised of thermally upgraded kraft paper, an optimized core and coil design, and Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid — a 75-degree average winding rise (AWR) PEAK transformer results in a smaller footprint and lighter unit capable of the same ratings as a physically larger 65 AWR-rated unit.

PEAK transformers are filled with the biodegradable alternative to transformer oil, Envirotemp FR3 dielectric fluid, a critical enabling technology that extends transformer life and raises fire-ignition resistance. In addition, this soybean-oil-based fluid creates a barrier against water at the surface of the insulation, making the thermal kraft paper in the coil windings stronger and longer lasting.

The capacity to overload PEAK transformers contributes to system reliability during peak periods, as they can be continuously operated at higher temperature and higher load without reducing the life of the transformer.

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