Flint Energies, Reynolds, Georgia, U.S., will partner with Tri-County Electric Membership Corp. (EMC) to sell GE's HomeGen 7000 fuel cell systems. Tri-County EMC will market the personal home generation system to its customers in Baldwin, Bibb, Jasper, Jones, Morgan, Putnam, Twiggs and Wilkinson counties.

The HomeGen 7000 produces electricity by combining the hydrogen contained in natural gas or propane with oxygen in the air. The only by-products are heat (which can be used for hot water or home heating), water and carbon dioxide. The system has three major components: a reformer to extract the hydrogen from the fuel; a fuel cell to convert the hydrogen to dc electricity; and a power conditioner to convert the dc electricity to the type and quality of power in use today.

Fuel cell demonstration units will be in place by year-end, and Flint Energies and Tri-County EMC will begin selling the systems in 2001.