Calico Energy Services has developed a Unified Operations Center for utilities and power providers that performs all three critical functions of energy management in one combined solution: mining and unifying all types of energy information; providing powerful insights and real-time decision making from analysis of that information; and enabling centralized control of targeted energy resources and grid assets.

Calico's platform, Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS), helps utilities streamline operations, reduce costs and identify new revenue opportunities by providing a centralized control center that connects to all data, devices, engines and applications.

EIS Insight, a new module in EIS, uses the unique integration capabilities provided by Calico's Enterprise Service Bus to mine information from a broad range of data sources, devices and applications throughout an energy ecosystem. This includes legacy data from existing utility systems, such as customer information systems, SCADA, weather, billing, AMI and MDM. EIS Insight provides an interactive visual display that allows utility staff across operational groups to layer and compare diverse data sets in a configurable dashboard.

With Calico's solution, power providers can explore “what if” scenarios and adjust variables incrementally to identify new opportunities for optimizing energy throughout their distribution infrastructure. Based on these insights, operators can then implement a broad range of demand side management strategies and operational improvements with Calico's OpCenter module and rapid two-way device communication.

EIS Insight provides operators the ability to view data from devices, engines and applications in near real time. In addition, predictive analytics add the capacity to model programs, management strategies and reports in a matter of minutes.

Program managers can integrate virtually any salient data into their analysis — including weather, real-time pricing feeds, loads, remote generation, mapping data, baselines, grid infrastructure and demographics. As a result, utilities are able to fully understand consumption and identify the need for upcoming load management events.

OpCenter also includes an adaptive rate and pricing engine that allows utilities to create, model and implement new rates. For utilities that are currently using a single fixed rate, this engine provides the ability to identify new and improved rate models, and to better justify rates to utility commissions. Program managers can then optimize each rate by leveraging a detailed understanding of usage and generation patterns.

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