Southwire Co. (Carrollton, Georgia) plans to invest in energy cable production at Southwire Americana de Mexico, the company's manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico.

Southwire will produce transmission and distribution cables for the Mexican utility market to meet the increased demand for new and upgraded electrical infrastructure in the country.

Southwire, which opened its Monterrey facility more than three years ago, sees this investment in energy cable production as the next step toward growing its utility business in Mexico, while meeting its customers' requirements for bare transmission cable products, according to Eddie Adams, president of Southwire's Energy Division.

Southwire anticipates Mexico's capacity demands will double in the next three to five years. It says Mexico's electrical needs would further drive growth for the company in the years ahead and that Southwire was already preparing for this growth through its current investment and plans for additional production in overhead cable products.
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