Esco Tool is offering a full line of cutter blades and locking cutter heads for its welding end prep tools that can bevel, face and bore simultaneously, while improving weld surfaces.

Esco MILLHOG Cutter Blades feature a radical chip breaker that gets under the material and directs heat away from the pipe or tube to produce a thick chip without cutting oils and extends long blade life.

Developed for its line MILLHOG welding end prep tools, these blades mount into the EscoLock wedge-lock cutter head where they are rigidly held to bevel, face and bore, including multiple angles for heavy wall pipe.

Ideally suited for stainless steels, P-91 and other hard materials, Esco MILLHOG Cutter Blades are made from T-15 tool steel and are TiN coated or available with a hard lube coating. Blades are available with any angle of prep from 37.5 degrees to 10 degrees and compound bevels.

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