GE Energy announces the release of a wide-area monitoring solution designed to improve the way utilities monitor and analyze power over a large geographic area. GE is offering a new secure, high-capacity phasor data concentrator, Multilin P30, along with enhanced phasor measurement units (PMUs) to provide faster, more accurate information for better decision making while reducing ownership costs through easy integration and deployment.

A utility's wide-area monitoring system and dynamic disturbance analysis capabilities are key to ensuring power system disturbances on the grid don't become wide-spread outages. With the enhanced solution, operators can make faster, more informed decisions and improve post-event analysis. Utilities also can reduce infrastructure installation and operation costs by more than 40% by simultaneously reporting synchrophasors for protection and metering applications from a single PMU.

Designed to natively support and adhere to the latest standards, the monitoring solution allows utilities to seamlessly deploy dynamic disturbance recording systems.

With built-in advanced security features, including role-based access control, secure firmware upgrades and encrypted data transmission, utilities are able to integrate these devices into their existing NERC-CIP environments.

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