Cathy Swirbul

Cathy Swirbul, Contributing Editor

Cathy has written more than 100 articles and columns for utility and industry publications. Prior to becoming a contributing writer/editor, Cathy was responsible for customer and employee communications at Missouri Public Service, an investor-owned utility. Cathy serves as a contributing editor to Transmission & Distribution World.

Smart Grid Grants Transform Delivery
Two major utilities provide a status update of smart grid projects with lessons learned to date.
FERC Order 1000
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 890 required transmission providers to organize into different regions and that transmission planning be built
Armando Olivera: A Brighter Future
In high school, Armando Olivera could not imagine he was destined to take on great challenges in industry. All he knew was that his fellow band members
States Encourage Demand Response
At face value, few would argue the benefits of demand-response (DR) programs. During tight supply and demand conditions, electricity users can reduce
A Spring Storm Stampede 
Spring 2011 may go down as the year storms reached biblical proportions. From upstate New York, south to Florida and across the Midwest, the weather exploded
Training for the Future 
A crisis is brewing for utilities and companies seeking to equip the next generation of linemen. By 2016, an estimated 50,000 new linemen will need to
Rodeo Reflections
Moe Alters is the proverbial good host. He's the guy at the party who makes sure everyone is having fun, has enough to eat, while corralling the wild
Life Science
Doug Dorr leads a team of innovators at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) who devise ingenious solutions for power industry challenges, including
Smart Grid Communications 
The utility industry has reached a consensus: It is time to replace vintage grid infrastructure. What remains unclear is which communications platform
Smart Spending on a Smart Grid 1
In October 2009, the U.S. federal government awarded $3.4 billion in investment grants for 100 smart grid projects through the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Linemen Thrive in Their Element
The 2009 International Lineman's Rodeo celebrates all that is good in a lineman's work.
Remember Our Roots 1
Collecting Early Line Equipment has Become a Passion for Jim Binkley, Robert Padgett, George Hayden, Jason Townsend, Andy Price and Chris Hedges. The
When Storms Strike, Linemen Strike Back
The Hours are Gruelingly Long, Sometimes Up to 16 Hours at a Time. The conditions are often perilous: freezing temperatures, driving rains, unrelenting
Linemen's Wives Have Tales to Tell
Linemen are a Special Breed of Men. With potential danger at every turn, constant travel, physically demanding work and long hours, line work is not for

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