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Gene Wolf, Technical Writer,
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Gene Wolf has been designing and building substations and other high technology facilities for over 32 years. He received his BSEE from Wichita State University. He received his MSEE from New Mexico State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the states of California and New Mexico. He started his career as a substation engineer for Kansas Gas and Electric, retired as the Principal Engineer of Stations for Public Service Company of New Mexico recently, and founded Lone Wolf Engineering, LLC an engineering consulting company.  

Gene is widely recognized as a technical leader in the electric power industry. Gene is a fellow of the IEEE. He is the former Chairman of the IEEE PES T&D Committee. He has held the position of the Chairman of the HVDC & FACTS Subcommittee and membership in many T&D working groups. Gene is also active in renewable energy. He sponsored the formation of the “Integration of Renewable Energy into the Transmission & Distribution Grids” subcommittee and the “Intelligent Grid Transmission and Distribution” subcommittee within the Transmission and Distribution committee.

The Grid Whisperers 
It’s a challenging future where integrating intelligent things into intelligent networks has captured our attention.
Digital grid, smart substation
The Smart Substation 6
Tomorrow’s grid needs intelligent networks made up of intelligent substations.
Digital grid, grid's edge
At the Grid’s Edge
Innovation taking place at the edge of the grid between utilities and their customers is leading the power grid’s greatest transformation.
Digital grid
Digitization of the Grid  1
The Internet of Things is poised to make the smart grid even smarter.
Parting View of the 2016 IEEE PES T&D Expo
Wasn’t Big D a hoot? Texans are known for their hospitality, and this was no exception.
Airborne Advantage: Drones and Helicopters
Utilities use aerial technology and tools to build, maintain and operate the grid.
Are We Seeing a UFO Invasion? 2
Many industry proponents see the real advantages UAVs offer utilities.
Airborne Workforce Improves the Grid 
When the transmission grid needs speed and efficiency, it is time to call in air support.
UAV, drones
The Drone Advantage
Fully integrating drone technology to the grid is more a matter of when than how.
The Name Game: Is 'Microgrid' Correct? 1
Have you ever thought about all the nicknames, catchphrases and, in some cases, bizarre naming we lovingly apply to equipment, processes and technologies used in our industry?
Microgrids Go Mainstream
The worldwide microgrid market is developing rapidly: following are images of microgrids and their development.
Microgrid sizes
One Size Does Not Fit All 
Microgrids come in all sizes and shapes; therefore, fitting individual solutions to each application can be challenging.
Sustainable Microgrids
Sustainable Microgrids 
Microgrids are being hybridized with renewable generation and energy storage.
Microgrids Are Everywhere 
The key to the future of the grid is understanding microgrid technologies.
The Structures Behind Today’s Power Delivery System
Structural technology is maturing and providing the industry with applications about which past generations of designers could only dream

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