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Paul Mauldin, Contributing Editor
Transmission & Distribution World Magazine

Paul earned his B.S. and an M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of California-Berkeley and is a registered professional engineer. He has worked in the energy industry for more than 25 years, developing and implementing advanced energy technologies. As research director for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. he pioneered methodologies used in the design, maintenance and control of energy delivery systems. As a consultant he has provided guidance to utilities and the vendor community, nationally and internationally.

Articles by Paul Mauldin
A Flash of Insight 8
Five lineworkers, Rueben, Jessica, Frank, Bob and Alan were eating lunch at a diner when they heard the distant rumble of thunder.
Solve This: Char's Secret 7
Here's a little puzzle to test your analytical skills. First two correct answers will receive $25 gift cards.
Featured Poll: Electric Demand Growth Flatlined? Now What? 1
When I first went to work in our industry, annual electric load growth was around eight percent.
social media
Featured Poll: Do You Use Social Media? 4
How important is social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to your work?
Municipal Utilities: Will Their Numbers Grow? 1
The number of municipal utilities reached a maximum of about 2500 (accounting for about 5 percent sales of U.S. power) back in the early 1920s. The number is still around 2000. Why is that?
The Dancing Engineer
Can a tap-dancing, music-loving Texas woman find meaning and fulfillment as an electrical engineer?
Hard-Hatted Ambassadors of Good Will 
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on this year’s linemen supplement, particularly since I have many memories of working with linemen.
Featured Poll: Is Solar the Utility Killer? 11
Beginning last year there has been growing commentary in the public media about the rooftop solar threat to conventional utilities.
Featured Poll: Will Obamacare let you leave? 7
Would you stay with your company if you could quit and get equivalent medical benefits with Obamacare?
Solar Will Shine Brighter With Smarter Inverters 3
California has encouraged residential PV solar to the degree that it could break the system. But maybe California will also lead the way to mitigating the grid operating problems caused by large amounts of solar.
Wind power
Wind Power: Making It Play Nice Is No Breeze  1
The power industry has worked hard to incorporate growing wind resources into the grid. Can the industry keep it up?
Wind farm
We Can Make This Work: Renewables Have a Future 
Success to date has shown that utilities and grid operators have what it takes to develop and deploy appropriate grid stability and dispatch tools, providing they have access to the proper balance of generation, storage, load-shedding and load-shifting options.
wind farm in Texas
Is Smart Grid in a Lull? 1
Is the paradigm -changing train of technologies and methodologies gathered under the umbrella "smart grid" losing steam?
Is Customer Trust Really at a Crisis? 3
Utility news services have been all a-Twitter about a new survey by Accenture showing that customers are less satisfied and less trusting of their utility than ever before.
Featured Poll: Is There a Nuclear Future? 1
For almost a century the American utility paradigm was one of building large, base-loaded central generation. As a result coal and nuclear now provide over half of U.S. electric energy.
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