Longmont Power and Communications in Colorado is seeking bids to design a fiber-to-the-home network for public power. The city wants to build a system with 1-gigabit upload and download speeds -- fast enough to download a high-definition movie in 10 seconds, according to a report in Public Power Daily.

Longmont residents approveda $45.3 million bond for full development of a city-wide fiber-to-the-premises broadband services network. The funding will allow the Longmont utility to provide broadband services "with the same low-cost and high-quality customer care that it has offered to electric customers for more than a century," the city said Nov. 21.

The city said it already has a few commercial and residential customers that are located close to the backbone of its fiber system, which it built in the 1990s. Once started, construction of the system is expected to take approximately three years. The November vote approving funding for the ambitious project is a remarkable achievement for Longmont...(Public Power Daily)