Chicago-based Exelon announced that it would look at closing nuclear plants to save money. More and more, traditional forms of generation are having to compete with subsidized renewable generation, such as wind and solar, so it struggles to stay profitable.

Exelon said in a conference call this past week that it "will shut down nuclear plants to save money if it doesn't see a path to steady profits this year," according to a report from the Chicago Tribune. Exelon owns 10 nuclear power plants and is looking for ways to increase its earnings.

Ken Silverstein writes on Forbes: "Nuclear energy has suffered some setbacks in the United States, which have led to increased regulatory scrutiny and current or pending plant closures. But those retirements have come when the nation is emphasizing the use of carbon-free, reliable fuel forms — something for which nuclear energy has a strong track record. Grid operators understand that, which is why they are working with all parties to ensure it remains part of a diverse resource mix."

Several nuclear plants have already been shuttered across the United States, and it looks like even more will soon join.