Grid Optimization "Listen Up" blogger and Long Island Power Authority "critic" Matthew Cordaro has been reappointed to the revamped LIPA board of trustees. Cordaro has been reappointed to the board by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan). Cordaro, a board member since February, has questioned whether a LIPA downsized by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo can handle its responsibilities.

According to a report from, Cordaro is the lone member of the new board with a background in energy. Cordaro opposed Cuomo’s initial idea to privatize LIPA and the governor’s scaled-down plan to shrink LIPA and increase PSEG’s role. Cordaro favored making the authority a fully public utility.

Under the plan that takes effect Wednesday, PSEG, a New Jersey-based utility company, will take over not only the day-to-day operations but also management duties including budgeting and power-plant planning. LIPA is being scaled back to essentially a financial holding company while maintaining ownership of the transmission and distribution system....(

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