U.S. President Barack Obama is set to order the federal government to increase its use of renewable energy sources for electricity to 20% by 2020. The executive order to be announced today applies to all federal agencies, civilian and military. The government currently has a goal of using 7.5 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, but Obama said recent increases in renewable energy supplies make the new 20 percent goal achievable by 2020.

An AP story on Manufacturing.net reported that Obama says the plan to use renewables for 20 percent of electricity needs will help reduce pollution that causes global warming, promote American energy independence and boost domestic energy sources such as solar and wind power that provide thousands of jobs.

Obama was set to announce the plan Thursday as part of his wide-ranging, second-term drive to combat climate change and prepare for its effects. A plan announced in June would put first-time limits on carbon pollution from new and existing power plants, boost renewable energy production on federal lands and prepare communities to deal with higher temperatures...The White House did not provide an estimate for how much money, if any, the proposal would save over the next decade...(Manufacturing.net)