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Mar 09, 2015

Drones & Balloons: Seen Flying Dangerous Objects

There has been a lot of noise recently about drones, mainly since they have been witnessed flying by the White House, Eiffel tower and other....More
Feb 23, 2015

New Energy Pricing Structure is Bringing Benefits to the Lower Hudson Valley

A controversial, indeed much bashed, energy pricing mechanism for New York's Lower Hudson Valley is improving the region's electrical reliability and....More
Oct 07, 2014

Rock Climbing & Electric Demand Increase1

Is there a relationship between rock climbing & the increase in electric load demand?....More
climate change
Aug 21, 2014

Climate Change Hysteria: Utilities Will Benefit6

Utilities are getting regulatory approval to make major system upgrades. This is the kick-in-the-pants we’ve needed in order to get off the dime and....More
Jun 28, 2014

The 2014 Utilities’ Soccer/Football World Cup

There are a lot of similarities between the 2014 soccer/football world cup and power engineering....More
Jun 26, 2014

Load Coefficients (Load Varying with Voltages)2

It is crucial to comprehend how the electric load reacts to changes in the supply voltage, especially when voltage reduction is now being utilized....More
May 24, 2014

Distributed Generation (DG) Is Here to Stay

Climate change, distributed generation, electric vehicles, solar, renewable resources etc. are the hot topics in the energy field now....More
May 10, 2014

What Does an Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO) Do?2

The previous blog explained what an ECCO does briefly, what’s unique about ECCOs and the stresses and importance of their job....More
Apr 29, 2014

Life as an Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO)2

What is the relationship between an Energy Control Center Operator (ECCO) and the Godfather? What do ECCOs and how we can't live without them?....More
Apr 28, 2014

Getting it Right on Energy Price Incentives

For a prosperous and growing economy, New York needs abundant and competitively priced electricity....More
final session
Apr 27, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why The Electric Utility Industry is Gearing Up Like Never Before9

The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) conference in Chicago was a blast from the future and not the past! A decade or so ago these meetings were....More
Apr 14, 2014

Utilities Face Massive Brain Drain2

The utility industry is losing legacy brain power at a rapid rate and it’s not yet in the position to compete with other “more exciting” and higher....More
Apr 07, 2014

Real & Reactive Power Transfer Formulas & Basics2

This short paper will explain how real and reactive power travel from the generator to your home You will learn about key formulas that are the....More
Mar 22, 2014

The Quest for Eternal Energy Resources (Energy 2.0)

The quest for eternal energy sources occupies many people, governments and countries. There has been an interest lately in renewable energy,....More
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