Ahmed Mousa

Principal Engineer/Adjunct Professor, PSE&G/NJIT

Ahmed Mousa is a well-established principal engineer, adjunct professor, control center operator, manager, senior electrical engineer and trainer.

Mr. Mousa is currently the Principal Engineer at PSE&G in the Electric Delivery Planning section, where he is responsible for managing power system generation, transmission and distribution simulation studies, developing the short/ long range substation forecasts, analysis and load relief, performing short circuit studies, performing breaker duty analysis, developing transmission and distribution station and feeder designs, reviewing large customer demand proposals and provide technical evaluations and interconnection agreements and reviewing solar applications and provide technical evaluations and interconnection agreements. Ahmed is also an Adjunct Professor at New Jersey Institute of Technology, teaching graduate electrical engineering power courses.

Previously, Ahmed was a district operator at the Consolidated Edison’s energy control center, where he was responsible for the generation, transmission, sub-transmission and distribution scheduled and emergency work. He was responsible for coordinating the operation of the electric system in accordance with established rules, procedures and specifications in the five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County to ensure safety to personnel, reliability of equipment and continuity of service to customers.

Ahmed has worked for four industry leaders so far, PEPCO, First Energy (Jersey Central Power & Light), Con Edison, PSE&G; he has over ten years of experience in transmission, sub-transmission, substations and distribution systems, where he was the Area Station Planning manager, responsible for the short/long term (1/5/10/20/30 years) and emergency planning for all the area substation, transmission/sub transmission feeders & the 4 kV system at Con Edison.  Ahmed is the subject matter expert for sub-transmission, area substation (345/13 kV, 138/13, 27, 33 kV & 69/13 kV) and the 4 kV system during emergency and high load conditions. He was the distribution engineering situation room manager that gets activated during weather events and other emergencies; he was the active manager during hurricane sandy, 8,500 union lockout and the Metro North Outage.

Ahmed has over eight years of providing training in: PSS/E, 4 kV system, sub-transmission & substation short/ long term and emergency load relief, distributed generation grid adoption, system operation outage analysis, transformer ratings, voltage studies, basic and advanced power flow, phase angle studies, smart grid, Plant Information (PI) and distribution systems. He analyzed impact of electric vehicle, distributed generation, steam to AC conversion, energy efficiency models and R&D initiatives on the distribution and transmission system. 

Ahmed was the project manager for a SCADA GE XA21 Energy Management System and the project manager and project engineer for President Obama’s Department Of Energy’s stimulus grant for the Consolidated Edison’s 4 kV system.

Ahmed earned his Masters in electrical engineering from Manhattan College and his BS in electrical engineering from Stony Brook University. He completed the Siemens PTI Transmission and Distribution Engineering courses. Ahmed is the recipient of the 2012 “Sustain Energy Reliability” team award and the 2009 3rd Quarter Distribution Engineering ALVA Award for 21st Century Leader.  Ahmed is member of the Corporate Long Range Planning Committee, Electric Vehicle Committee, Conservation Voltage Optimization Committee and the Edison Engineering Society.

Ahmed has been a member of the Con Edison distribution engineering quarterly newsletter for several years, where he is an active member.  He developed two online PE courses. Below is a link to Ahmed’s LinkedIn account: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ahmed-mousa/6/184/437





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