Last Friday, the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) issued an order outlining the path forward for Entergy Arkansas to transfer functional control of its transmission assets to MISO. The order includes certain conditions that Entergy Arkansas and MISO are required to meet prior to final Commission approval.

"We appreciate the guidance from the APSC. It provides a roadmap for Entergy Arkansas' membership in MISO," said John R. Bear,p resident and CEO of MISO. "We stand ready to work with Entergy Arkansas and other stakeholders to ensure consumers begin realizing the full benefits of participation in MISO's proven market operations."

As a member of MISO, Entergy Arkansas will have access to a proven and established Day 2 market, which will provide for the efficient and economic dispatch of electricity across the Entergy transmission system. Studies by Entergy Arkansas estimate that joining MISO will result in savings of $263 million over a ten-year period.

"For nearly two years, MISO has worked to address the concerns raised by the APSC and Arkansas stakeholders throughout this process," said Todd Hillman, MISO Executive Director, Southern Region. "We will continue that collaboration to work towards integration of all Arkansas stakeholders."

Full integration of the entire Entergy system into MISO market operations is on schedule for December 2013.