The California Independent System Operator Corp. has released an update of its Five-Year Strategic Plan titled Smart Future, reaffirming the direction the organization is taking to adapt to state and national economic forces, solve energy supply and delivery challenges, as well as manage workforce change.

Plan objectives promote excellence and transparency in grid and market operations with strategies that ensure open and non-discriminatory grid access, enhance customer service and, although mostly unseen by the public, create value for 30 million Californians. A central tenant of the plan, which the ISO Board of Governors approved at its March meeting, is the organization’s commitment to the monumental state, national and global objectives of reducing greenhouse gases by welcoming in a new era of advanced technologies, such as the electrification of automobiles, renewable energy alternatives and enhanced grid functionality.

Extensive internal discussions coupled with broad-based research and analyses were instrumental in developing the updated long-range objectives and priorities – which can be found in the Five-Year Strategic Plan Update available at: .