The EA Technology Group has agreed to collaborate with Energetix Pnu Power to market the latter's groundbreaking range of compressed air batteries worldwide.

Headquartered close to Energetix Pnu Power in Capenhurst, U.K., EA Technology will use its network of offices in the U.S., China, Middle East and Australia, together with 35 distribution partners, to develop sales of Pnu Power products in a range of power backup and uninterruptible power supply applications.

“The failure of cooling systems in Japan's nuclear plants is a dramatic reminder of the need for reliable and robust backup solutions in a wide range of industries,” said Neil Davies, EA Technology international director. “Pnu Power compressed air batteries are a better choice for backup, because they are inherently reliable, low maintenance and low carbon.”

Developed since 1997, Pnu Power's patented products use a scroll expander to generate electricity on demand from standard compressed air supplies. They have no moving parts and very low energy losses in standby mode, are virtually maintenance free and will operate reliably in extreme environments. Run-time availability is limited only by the size of the air supply and can be predicted accurately.

Pnu Power's portfolio includes standardized replacements for wet batteries with outputs from 3 kW to 200 kW, together with complete packages designed to replace rotary/flywheel backup solutions rated at 1 MVA and above. Users can choose from a range of voltage outputs as AC, DC or both.

Deployment of Pnu Power compressed air batteries includes four installations at National Grid substations in the U.K. and U.S.

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