Norway's Powel AS has sold the assets of its U.S. subsidiary Powel Inc. to digital mapping, imaging and data acquisition services firm GeoDigital International Inc.

The deal strengthens GeoDigital's position as a leading provider of distributed infrastructure management solutions and expands its leading position in the fast-growing utility vegetation management and transmission line re-rating marketplace.

GeoDigital, with offices across the U.S. and Canada, has acquired the mobile work management product line of Powel, including the WorkStudio application suite for managing utility field design, vegetation maintenance, outage recovery and mapping. All current Powel employees, software assets, customers and facilities will form a new software and analytics division, GeoDigital Solutions Inc. The division will be responsible for software development and the integration of complementary technologies into turnkey enterprise solutions for utilities and other asset-intensive industries.

The combined organization will employ about 250 people across Canada and the U.S. GeoDigital Solutions will maintain all current facilities.