The Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC) backbone transmission project will provide 6000 MW of offshore wind capacity, enough power to serve 1.9 million households, when complete. Good Energies, an investor in the development of renewable energy projects across North America, Europe and Asia, will invest 37.5% of the development capital alongside Google and Marubeni Corp. The development of the project is being led by Trans-Elect, an independent transmission company.

The project will allow offshore wind projects to be constructed at lower cost, with less impact to the environment and with the ability to deliver power wherever it is needed along the Mid-Atlantic Coast. AWC will enable the creation of much-needed jobs, improve consumer access to clean energy sources and help increase the reliability of the Mid-Atlantic region's power grid.

AWC, while initially designed to connect 6000 MW of offshore wind turbines, is highly scalable and can be expanded to accommodate additional offshore wind energy as the industry develops. With a strong backbone in place, larger and more energy-efficient wind farms can connect to offshore power hubs further out at sea.

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