Henkels & McCoy (H&M) has been conducting a joint attachment pole audit and detailed equipment condition review for the city of Riverside, California, U.S. The first phase of the joint attachment audit for 3,000 poles needed to be completed within 26 weeks. In order to complete this initial phase on schedule, the engineering and construction firm needed to collect data faster, and their existing combination of equipment — an inventory map, GPS, laser rangefinder, measuring tape and digital camera — would not get the job done. So H&M purchased ikeSolutions Poles.

This mobile GIS solution enables all pole attachment measurements to be made from a single ikeGPS photograph. ikeSolutions Poles enables fast, accurate and safe measurements, and provides a digital photo-verifiable record for each pole and the related joint attachments. Pictures and associated data are captured together and, therefore, can be viewed and managed from one source. Data is entered using customizable forms that are easily created and deployed with drag and drop workflow software. Additionally, since all the data is digitally recorded, there is no risk of transcription errors.

Previously, H&M was able collect data for about 20 poles per day. Using ikeSolutions Poles, this increased to 45 poles per day, and H&M reduced its time to complete the 3,000-pole project from more than 30 weeks to less than 14 weeks.

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