LiveData Inc. (Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.), which specializes in real-time data integration and data display technology, has entered into the power market sector, facilitating the bidding and transmission of electric power reserves between generation plants and regional distribution utilities. The heart of the solution, LiveData RTI Server, captures, transforms and delivers real-time data streams across diverse systems and protocols. RTI Server provides the key linkage between generation plant systems and the energy/ancillary services markets run by independent transmission system operators (ISOs).

LiveData recently installed its first LiveData RTI Server at the Fox Energy Center, a Kaukauna, Wisconsin, U.S.-based generation facility that is a unit of GE Energy Financial Services. RTI Server will be used to exchange the real-time data with the Midwest ISO (MISO) for capacity marketing. RTI Server also enables users to send meter data and receive dispatch and automatic generation control signals as the market requires. MISO is expected to launch its new market this June. Other ISOs also are establishing a market for operating reserves, or ancillary services, as part of their FERC charter.