National Field Services (NFS), a leading provider of electrical testing services, and a newly formed brand and sister company of National Switchgear, has received InterNational Electric Testing Association (NETA) accredited status.

“Becoming a fully accredited NETA company comes after nearly 10 years of hard work,” said Doug Powell, president of NFS. Hiring a NETA-accredited company assures that you are receiving a company that adheres to the highest industry standards and a NETA-certified technician trained to inspect, test, maintain and calibrate all types of electrical equipment in any industry. We are very, very proud to have attained this status.”

NFS has completed a corporate reorganization allowing it to separate its field service company (NFS) from its equipment and manufacturing company (National Switchgear). This satisfies the bylaws for full-member accreditation into NETA.

“In addition to the reorganization, we have invested heavily in new test equipment, vehicles and trailers,” said Powell. “We have further committed to employee development and training with the hiring of two additional NETA certified technicians and an electrical engineer.”

NETA serves the electrical testing industry by offering accreditation of third-party electrical testing firms and certifying electrical testing technicians.

NETA-accredited National Field Services is committed to delivering first-class products and services through reliable testing, maintenance and turnkey solutions. NFS also offers a variety of power system studies designed to improve system performance and reliability, maximize power quality and increase personnel safety.

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