The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) board of directors approved the 2012 Comprehensive Reliability Plan (CRP) for New York's power system, which concludes that additional transmission and generation resources will be needed during the study period (2013-2022) to meet system reliability criteria and that sufficient solutions have been proposed to meet those reliability needs.

“Factors such as extreme weather conditions, public policy revisions and dynamic economic trends can dramatically impact the electric system,” said NYISO President and CEO Stephen G. Whitley. “We must be vigilant in monitoring a diverse array of risk factors and ready to adapt and respond should conditions change.”

The CRP reports that market-based, regulated backstop and alternative regulated solutions have been proposed to meet the reliability needs identified in the 2012 Reliability Needs Assessment (RNA). Based upon its study model, evaluation of the market-based solutions and the most recent local transmission plans (LTPs) from the state's transmission owners, the CRP made its findings:

The needs identified in the 2012 RNA for the Rochester and Syracuse areas will be resolved by 2017 with permanent solutions identified in Rochester Gas & Electric's and National Grid's LTPs.

The market-based solutions, if constructed, are sufficient to meet the resource adequacy needs for 2021 and 2022 identified in the RNA.

While solutions studied in the CRP will result in the system meeting reliability criteria, there are uncertainties and risk factors that could adversely affect the implementation of the plan and system reliability over the 10-year planning horizon.

The NYISO will monitor, evaluate and report the viability and timeliness of all submitted market-based solutions and will be prepared to trigger a gap or regulated backstop solution, if necessary.