Prysmian Group has inaugurated its new submarine cable plant in Finland, having invested approximately 40 million euros to increase its production capacity at the Pikkala facility, already one of the Group's centers of excellence for high-voltage cable production. In particular, the Pikkala plant has started up production of transmission cables that use high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) technology, which allows large amounts of energy to be transmitted over long distances.

In addition to the investment in Finland, the Group is also expanding production capacity at its Arco Felice plant in Italy, the Group's center of excellence for submarine cables. This follows the Group's acquisition of the Western Link order worth around 800 million euros to build a new submarine link between Scotland and England.

In addition, the integration between Prysmian and Draka has further broadened the range of products and services offered also in the field of renewable energy. The Group now can use three production facilities dedicated to submarine cables: Arco Felice (near Naples) in Italy, Pikkala in Finland and Drammen in Norway.

With this extended production footprint, Prysmian Group is able to present itself to the market as a reference partner for linking mainland grids to individual offshore wind turbine towers with an offer ranging from medium-voltage inter-array cables to high-voltage alternating-current (HVAC) and HVDC export cables up to 320 kV.

Within its portfolio, Prysmian Group has an ever-increasing track record of important offshore wind power connections, with projects either completed or ongoing in Denmark, Holland and the United Kingdom, as well as the HVDC connections to shore for the BorWin2, HelWin1, HelWin2 and SylWin1 mega wind farm hubs in Germany, forming part of the most important program for the development of renewable energy in Europe.