The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has authorized American Transmission Co. (ATC) to construct two new 138-kV transmission lines to improve electric system reliability in western Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, U.S.

The approved project involves construction of two transmission lines and a new substation planned by We Energies. The new substation and transmission lines are needed to respond to the area's growing electric needs and the critical nature of the Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma centers located within the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center complex. The medical center calls for a higher level of electric service reliability, one that includes a backup source for electricity in the event one of the two lines experiences an outage.

The project was announced to the public in October 2010. ATC held three open houses and company representatives attended more than 150 meetings to gather feedback and comments from area landowners, businesses, community organizations and local officials. In February 2012, ATC filed an application with the PSC to construct the project.

Construction of the line is planned to start in summer 2014, and the line is expected to be in service in spring 2015. The PSC-approved cost for ATC's portion of the project is approximately US$22.7 million.