Siemens Energy has set up a new facility for the production of 800-kV transformers in Guangzhou, China.

The new transformer production location is intended to serve the future needs of the Chinese market and the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to large power transformers at HVDC converters, power transformers with ratings up to 1400 MVA will be produced at the facility. There is a major demand for this type of high-rating transformer for the expansion of China's ultra-high-voltage power network.

The extension of the production location also includes a new test center for high-rating power transformers and the construction of a final assembly shop, in which a desert-like climate prevails: 10% humidity at a temperature of approximately 28°C (82°F). This avoids the ingress of humidity from the air into the insulation of the transformer.

These facilities provide the basis for cost-effective high-quality production of high-rating transformers for power transmission projects in China. The facility's vicinity to the Pearl River with its inland ports also makes it possible to dispatch the transformers (which often weigh several hundred tons) by ship.