Japanese company Toyota Tsusho Corp. has awarded the Low and Medium Voltage Division of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector an order to build 24 transformer substations for the Iraqi Electricity Ministry. Siemens will build the turnkey substations in 10 Iraqi provinces to help upgrade the power supply in the country. The order has a value of 62.1 million euros.

Iraq still faces major challenges in the modernization of its infrastructure. Along with the supply of clean drinking water, providing the population with a stable supply of energy is one of the most urgent problems. This applies in particular to hot days when air-conditioning units and refrigerators throughout the country are running nonstop and consuming a large proportion of the available energy.

Although nearly 96% of the country's inhabitants are connected to the electricity grid, the supply is restricted in some areas to only a few hours a day. The population, the service sector and industry all compete for the scarce supply of energy, which acts as a barrier to investment by the private sector. According to a study conducted by the International Energy Agency, only 55% the total demand for electricity in Iraq was met in 2011.

Siemens will build 24 2×31.5-MVA transformer substations with capacities of up to 31.5 MVA for Toyota Tsusho Corp., which is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan. The order comprises delivery of all systems as well as civil and installation works, including the connection of the substations to the grid. The delivery package contains 33-kV and 11-kV medium-voltage switchgear, 0.4-kV low-voltage switchgear as well as the transformers.

“These substations will help make the power supply in Iraq safer and more reliable. Upgrading the energy infrastructure will support Iraq in its economic and social development,” stated Ralf Christian, CEO of the Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division.

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