Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas and Wind To Power System (w2pS), respective leaders in the renewable energy sector and LVRT solutions, have signed an agreement to supply an integrated solution for the adaptation of photovoltaic (PV) power plants to ensure maximum compliance with the new regulations on the response of PV plants to voltage dips.

The objective of this partnership is to bring together the capabilities of the two companies that together offer the most competitive solution for the requirements stated in Royal Decree 1565/2010, of Nov. 19, relating to the mandatory requirements to adapt PV plants with power above 2 MW to comply with that provided in operational procedure O.P. 12.3 on the response to voltage dips.

Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas and w2pS distribute a turnkey integral solution that includes the design, engineering, legalization, installation and the processing of the final certification of the power plant. Both companies offer technical and administrative added value:

  • Universal medium-voltage system, independent of the number and type of inverters installed in the PV plant. It is connected in parallel with the substation of the power plant, not causing losses or affecting the performance of the power plant. As opposed to low-voltage solutions, the maintenance required is minimal as it is a single system.

  • Dynamic reactive power regulation, making it possible to obtain the maximum 4% bonus established in the current regulations.

  • Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas and w2pS guarantee the adaptation and all administrative processes necessary to legalize the modification applied in the PV plant, together with the coordination of its final certification.

The collaboration between both companies constitutes a milestone in the renewable energy sector in Spain and responds to the legislative adaptation of solar power plants.

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