Teltone Corp. has introduced Gauntlet EasyCIP, a NERC CIP compliance “starter kit” built on its Gauntlet secure communications solution. Oriented toward smaller utilities, EasyCIP enables NERC CIP compliance with a minimum cost and the fastest possible time-to-compliance, according to Teltone. EasyCIP includes everything required to secure a small substation or jump start a compliance program at a larger utility.

The immediately available EasyCIP dial-up version features entry-level pricing, software licensing for five users, six Gauntlet dial-up firewall units, voice modems, and 1-year support plan.

“With the introduction of the Gauntlet EasyCIP package, utilities with fewer resources are now able to protect their control systems and comply with the NERC CIP standards within a matter of days,” said Debra Griffith, Teltone CEO. “In addition, larger utilities will find this a compelling starting point for a large-scale CIP compliance program. Teltone has just removed any impediment for utilities of any size to comply with the NERC CIP standards, regardless of industry concerns about prohibitive cost and complexity.”

Gauntlet EasyCIP dial-up can be seamlessly migrated to IP-capable upgrades. Versions are also available bundled with installation services to provide a complete turnkey implementation for utilities with limited human resources.