Svenska Kraftnät, Statnett and Fingrid have made a decision to assign Fingrid to be main host and set up the operations of a Nordic Settlement Responsible unit. A separate company will be established with the main task to act as Settlement Responsible unit for Sweden, Finland and Norway. National transmission system operators (TSOs)will operate as local hosts under the main host in each country, ensuring customer service to local market actors.

In 2010, Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Statnett (Norway) and Fingrid (Finland) agreed to form a project with the objective to establish a common Nordic Balance Settlement (NBS). In December 2011, the three TSOs decided to proceed to the implementation phase of NBS. The implementation includes harmonizing rules for and establishment of a new unit that will perform balance settlement of all balance responsible parties active in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The new settlement unit is expected to start operation in 2015.

The purpose of the NBS is to establish, for each balance responsible party and for every hour, a power balance based on plans and measured values for the party's production/procurement and consumption/sales of electricity. Each party is financially responsible for possible imbalances.

The NBS main goals are to provide more efficient operating conditions for all balance responsible parties, regardless of the market bidding area and country, and to create common rules and standards for data exchange in cooperation with other actors in the electricity market. This is achieved through the offering of one common balance settlement for all balance responsible parties in the three countries.

The planned model supports a common Nordic end-user market by lowering entry barriers for new actors, supporting efficient operation across the national market border and reducing costs when using the same systems and methods in several countries.