Vijai Electricals Ltd., a Hyderabad, India-based manufacturer and exporter of power and distribution transformers, handed over of the world's highest voltage power transformer on July 17 to Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.

Commensurate with the government of India's plan for augmentation of installed power-generation capacity and corresponding transmission corridors, in the near future, the country will need 1200-kV AC as the next transmission voltage for bulk transfer of power on the order of 3000 MW to 6000 MW per line from power-generation complexes in the east and northeast to load centers located in northern and western regions. Vijai Electricals took on the challenge of developing a 333-MVA, 1200-kV single-phase autotransformer and accomplished the same.

To develop this frontier technology indigenously, Power Grid Corporation of India took the lead to establish a 1200-kV test station at Bina (Madhya Pradesh) with an experimental 1.6-km (1-mile) line. The 1200-kV transformer will be installed at the substation.

Vijai Electricals is the only manufacturer in India to produce an entire range of transformers from the tiniest 5 kVA, 12 kV to the largest 1200-kV, 1000-MVA bank.