ABB, co-host of the 2007 Factory Tour at Finepoint's Circuit Breaker Conference, will feature two technical presentations at its facility during the tour.

The Future of Circuit Breaker Monitoring

ABB is a leader in HV equipment and services worldwide. In this presentation, we will first explore the various diagnostic methods used today to determine breaker health. Special focus will be on the concept of asset management using on-line monitoring.

Monitoring approaches discussed will be the use of existing captured historical data, use of microprocessor-based relays and most recently, the use of specific intelligent electronic devices (IED's) to capture and communicate analog data and report adverse trending prior to reaching critical operational limits. Discussions will involve benefits of monitoring, data monitored, methods of data transmission, security, HMI and hardware options.

Design and Application of Closing Resistors

Several methods for controlling switching transients are used throughout the industry. However, one of the oldest methods -- pre-insertion closing resistors -- remains the preferred choice for many users. This presentation will describe the components and operation of a closing resistor and switch assembly. Design criteria such as thermal and dielectric capabilities and insertion time will discussed. Application considerations such as insertion time and resistance and their effect on the mitigation of switching transients will also be presented.