Apr. 22-23: SEL University, Pullman, WA
SEL-734 Revenue Metering System - APP 734
This course provides an introduction to revenue metering, along with complete application training to fully utilize the SEL-734 Revenue Metering System’s 0.2 Accuracy Class metering and advanced power quality monitoring and analysis features. Students will learn how metering data can be shared with other substation protection devices through innovative SEL integration technologies to monitor power reliability and reduce cost. Hands-on application and settings activities will show students how to perform customized control functions with SELogic control equations, perform accuracy testing, and determine device connection requirements. To learn more, visit www.selinc.com/etrain.

Apr. 28-30: SEL University, Pullman, WA
Transmission Line Protection - PROT 407 This course provides an in-depth study of the methods used in designing protection for high-voltage power transmission lines. Students will learn to: describe the protection requirements of modern power transmission lines; identify the protection and fault location methods to apply in modern transmission lines; identify the strengths and limitations of available tools to protect transmission lines against phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground faults; define and address protection problems for high-voltage transmission lines; implement modern directional and distance elements into existing protection; select best pilot protection schemes for transmission lines; implement directional comparison pilot and line differential protection schemes; and explain the effect of reclosing (three-pole and single-pole) and breaker failure protection to preserve the stability of high-voltage transmission systems. To learn more, visit www.selinc.com/etrain.