Caribbean Utilities Co., Ltd (CUC) plans to present its findings and long-range plans from the recent completion of an arc flash hazard analysis project, performed by Jaker Engineering, PC, at the 2008 Conference in October. CUC's project models the entire Grand Cayman Island generation, transmission and distribution systems.

The presentation, “Arc Flash Awareness for Transmission & Distribution,” will be made by CUC Senior Engineer and T&D Specialist Derek Long. Jack Perkins, president of Jaker Engineering, PC will assist with the presentation by offering insight into the technical and tactical approach for this landmark utility project. This is a complete analysis of a modern utility's power generation, transmission and distribution systems on a scale.

Since arc flash hazard is proportional to the total flow of energy, it can be more dangerous than shock hazard. A key component for limiting incident energy at a fault is the protective device. Therefore, circuit breaker characteristics, such as trip settings and clearing time, are of paramount importance to limit the incident energy at a fault point. An arc flash hazard safety program should be considered incomplete without an effective circuit breaker maintenance program.

Jaker Engineering, PC will exhibit products and services at this conference, which were created and refined to assist clientele with the analysis, training and implementation of an NFPA-70E arc flash safety program. Jaker will highlight a web-based service in development which eliminates the burden of creating and maintaining an energized work permit program. Instructional materials will be handed out to utilities that are working toward compliance.

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd’s corporate goal is to become the pre-eminent utility in the Caribbean for arc flash safety. The presentation at Finepoint's 15th Annual Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Training Conference will provide attendees with proven methods and helpful information to implement an arc flash safety program. The importance of circuit breaker maintenance as an integral component of a successful program will be clearly demonstrated.

Visit the Jaker Engineering, PC exhibit at Booth # 59 at the Hospitality Expo.