Circuit Breaker Analyzer, the world’s first iPod/iPhone-based application for testing circuit breaker performance based on vibration analysis, won the “Most Innovative” new product award at the PowerTest 2013 electrical maintenance conference and exhibition held in New Orleans, Feb. 18-21.

A majority of the 400 attendees at this year’s PowerTest 2013 event, which is organized by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA), voted to give the Circuit Breaker Analyzer the award based on the technical presentation given by co-developer and president of Group CBS, Finley Ledbetter.

Using the accelerometer inside every iPhone, new-model iPod, and select industrial handheld tablets, the award-winning Circuit Breaker Analyzer captures vibration data in all three axes as well as across time. By comparing the newly acquired vibration signature to a database of more than approximately 200 known good profiles (KGP) and/or the vibration signature of the breaker’s “first trip” operation, pattern recognition algorithms can determine when changes in the “envelope” or shape of the vibration signature indicate a hidden mechanical problem that will eventually lead to breaker failure if left unchecked.

Product benefits include:

  • Simple operation
  • Minimal training
  • No modification of the circuit breaker is needed
  • No electrical connections required
  • Removal of the circuit breaker from its mounting or cubicle is not necessary
  • Testing can be performed during routine switching
  • Data is easily transmitted to a central location