Doble Engineering Co. has released the F5850, a new product in its F-Series protection line specifically designed to test the S&C IntelliRupter PulseCloser system, a smart switch for distribution systems.

“Proper operation of Smart Grid technology like the IntelliRupter is crucial for improving reliability,” said Scott Short, Solution Manager: F-Series, Doble Engineering Company. “The F5850 is a tool that can help implement and verify the proper operation of protective schemes, helping users reduce outages and protect valuable distribution system assets.”

Used with Doble’s F-Series power system simulators, the F5850 is a testing interface designed to test all operational and protective functions of the IntelliRupter control module. It simulates switch operations and power conditions, enabling clients to verify the proper operation of the IntelliRupter in the field or in a test lab environment. The F5850 works with Doble’s Protection Suite software and is powered by a docking station, eliminating the need for calibration.

“With many of our clients already using Doble’s protection testing equipment, we knew we wanted to work with Doble’s engineering team to develop a device that could specifically test the unique characteristics of the IntelliRupter,” said David Klein, S&C’s Marketing Manager, Automation Systems Strategic Solutions. “With the F5850, Doble took into consideration all the technological and logistical concerns that come into play when testing an advanced piece of equipment like the IntelliRupter, which uses innovative Pulseclosing technology that helps extend the life of distribution system assets.”

The F5850 is one of a number of collaborative projects for S&C and Doble who previously announced an alliance to expand S&C’s existing asset management capabilities by leveraging Doble’s Asset Risk Management System, dobleARMS.