Ion Science (Americas) introduces a range of portable and transportable SF6 leak detectors for use in the high-voltage switchgear, industrial and ventilation marketplaces using proprietary NIC (negative ion capture) technology. SF6 is considered a greenhouse gas and a significant contributor to global warming, and thus the detection of leaks is important in controlling SF6 emissions.

These units feature non-radioactive sensors with no licensing issues, instant recovery even after saturation with SF6, quick response, settable alarms and leak rate or concentration readouts. No argon gas is needed, making the unit ideal for air transportation.

The latest offering is a portable detector with a lower 0.1 ppm resolution that comes completely self-contained in a sturdy Pelican case.

An optional calibration device is available for QC purposes.

All units are designed to minimize down time by locating the sensor in a detachable probe at the end of an extension cord that can be up to 75 feet in length. Sensors have a long lifespan and are refurbished on an exchange basis. Three sensors are shipped with each unit.