GE has announced the availability of its CyberSentry SEM Security Event Manager, a cybersecurity management and monitoring system specifically designed to help guard substation power system assets from issues or outages occurring as a result of malicious attacks or human error.

“Cybersecurity has become a concern for any business that uses advanced computing and communications technology, such as utility and energy intensive industrial companies,” said Bala Vinayagam, marketing director, Grid Automation, GE’s Digital Energy business. “CyberSentry SEM ensures that changes to the configuration of a protection and control system are flagged and investigated. It also provides users with a detailed report of what changes have been made and how to resolve the cybersecurity issue at hand.”

Operators are often unaware when a cyberattack has occurred or when an error is made during routine maintenance. CyberSentry SEM continuously monitors the protection and control system for configuration changes and cybersecurity issues. If a problem is detected, the system provides alerts using its industry standard Syslog technology. In addition to detailing the problem and providing a solution, the report equips operators with essential evidence, proving their protection and control systems are in compliance with cybersecurity audit requirements. CyberSentry SEM also can make legacy GE systems compliant to today’s cybersecurity regulations and standards.