Silver Spring Networks has congratulated Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) on the success of its SmartHours demand response (DR) initiative and has extended its relationship with OG&E as the company continues to promote the program throughout its service territory. OG&E’s Positive Energy Smart Grid program, which uses Silver Spring’s standards-based Smart Energy Platform, includes the SmartHours DR initiative. SmartHours includes technologies such as Silver Spring’s CustomerIQ consumer engagement solution to empower its customers to shift energy consumption, save money and reduce peak demand.

The SmartHours program contains dynamic pricing and Silver Spring’s end-to-end price response solution to encourage customers to shift their energy use to off-peak hours. Since opening the program to all its customers, OG&E has enrolled more than 44,000 users, has helped program participants save an average of $191 each, and delivered more than 67 MW of load reduction in 2012. OG&E also has been recognized by organizations such as J.D. Power and Associates and the U.S. Department of Energy for its innovative efforts to empower consumers and save energy.

Silver Spring’s price response solution enables the OG&E SmartHours program with technologies such as networking infrastructure, back office software, advanced metering for time-of-use billing, programmable communicating thermostats, project management, and device installation, along with Silver Spring’s CustomerIQ solution. This innovative customer engagement solution enables utilities to deploy dynamic rates along with tools that allow customers to shift usage out of peak times. Consumers can also view their detailed energy-usage and estimated bill information in CustomerIQ, enabling them to shift or lower their energy usage, save money, and reduce their environmental impact.